How Does This Work?

Many people have heard of “online personal training” and there is a usual misconception on how is it good and is this something that you should try?
Everyone that has access to a mobile phone or a computer can get trained online, and it’s becoming more popular than ever, due to the number of people willing to transform their bodies, get healthier and be in shape.

The concept of this kind of training and our mutual work together that will get you to your goal goes as following:

  • After deciding what kind of program you would like to go for (in the service section of the website), you would be asked to fill out a form which will be studied by myself. The form is essential because that way I will exactly know how to help you achieve your goal.
  • From there I would get in touch with you however you prefer and then we would discuss into even bigger depths what your workout program should look like and around what will we base your nutrition plan.
  • Continuous support will be provided in different ways (calls, messages, even meetings if possible), the workout program and your nutrition plan will be sent in forms of excel spreadsheets and pdf documents, so you will always have approach to it and that way I will be able to always adjust them for you.

Truth is I understand how hard can it be to get yourself in shape especially if you are a hardworking person who spends a lot of time working and doing different things in life, and I pride myself in managing to help people change their lifestyle by applying healthier habits, exercise, and nutrition in any kind of lifestyle, which means if you want to see yourself succeed, you will be my next success story.

Training in the gym with a personal trainer has its advantages, such as perhaps a bit more motivation and more control at given moments, but apart from that everything else you will still have through online training, especially the difference in price which goes even 5 times lower than paying for training in the gym. How do I know this?… Because I’ve done it.

I will always motivate you, support you and make sure you have everything you need to succeed. But remember, motivation and change always starts from within you! Let’s start your journey to becoming a better version of yourself today!

If you have questions and need further explaining, do not hesitate to contact me!