Stefan’s lifelong passion has been fitness and wellbeing, starting at a very young age, his first love in life was basketball, and he competed in 10-year semiprofessional career.

Originally born in Belgrade, Serbia as his basketball career went on he fell in love with improving his fitness performance and sculpting his body to its maximum capabilities, and that’s where he decided what he wanted to do in the future, help others achieve the same.
Therefore he attended the only International Fitness Academy in Serbia (FISAF international) where he got the knowledge and expertise in esthetics fitness, athletic performances and common medical conditions of the modern world lifestyle.
After graduating In 2013. and starting his career in multiple gyms in Serbia, he moved his passion onto Luxury Cruise lines where he traveled across the world on British and American cruise ships, and mainly worked with elderly people whom he helped redefine how aging process should look like. In times when he stayed on the shore between ships, he usually spent time working with professional athletes on their conditioning and physical performance.


Stefan prides himself in reaching results for his clients without using the usual ways (steroids, extreme amounts of supplements, expensive machines or devices) because he believes that people who mainly want to start their fitness journey should have a way to fit it easily into their lifestyles, time limits, and budget.

So if you are new to fitness, already a fitness fan, or even a person that has been told that can’t reach their fitness goals because of their age? Then make sure to contact Stefan and start your fitness journey today!